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The Challenge of Innovation

Innovators of the 16th century were in danger of being jailed, hanged, or excommunicated.   Even Machiavelli wrote of the challenges of innovation and change.   In today’s time, they are praised and promoted.  Yet even so, innovation can come at a price.  While many companies widely tout that their products or strategies are “innovative” , developing new ideas to meet customer needs and solve business problems can take time and money.    In fact some companies are spending thousands, if not millions of dollars, in performing product development when practical and less expensive solutions are available to meet their needs.

At CIBER, we have internalized the concept of “Practical Innovation”.  That is, innovative solutions for a client, while staying practical, careful, and mindful of their budget and specific needs.     Recently, at Collaborate 2010, the Oracle User Group conference, CIBER demonstrated its solution for extending the JDEdwards EnterpriseOne application to mobile devices without middleware.  The advantage to our JDE clients is that without buying additional software, they can deploy the core application to the field at the cost of the scanners, which they might already own, and the services to implement.    Competitive solutions require the purchase of a software stack with ongoing maintenance and upgrade charges.  Thus, with this offering, CIBER is delivering additional value while utilizing assets already owned by the client.

In May, at the COMMON conference for companies that utilize the IBM mid-range servers, CIBER will be showcasing its data replication solution for IBM Power servers.  By partnering with Crossroads, CIBER is able to offer to its clients a virtual tape library which reduces the backup windows and leverages backup and recovery management software from IBM (BRMS and Tivoli), and also from HelpSystems.    At a lower cost than other Virtual Tape Library (VTL) products, our clients are able to gain productivity improvements, replicate to off-site locations, and maintain near-online availability of their data. 

In San Antonio, at CUE, the Lawson user group conference, CIBER’s Lawson Practice will continue to roll out its series of CIBER packaged offerings – low cost, highly valued offerings that meet the unique challenges met by many Lawson clients.    Application security, performance testing, data archiving, and other topics are addressed in narrowly focused projects that have rapid ROI and a high degree of success.

So as you look for innovative strategies, keep in mind that they don’t have to be overly expensive or take long to implement.   Following the “Practical Innovation” approach can not only save money, but you won’t get hanged in the process.

7 Responses to “The Challenge of Innovation”

  1. Innovation is a must in order to survive this cutthroat world of technology and marketing. One must outdo the other in order to stand out. And it is only possible if the people behind it is innovative.

  2. Lawrence Moore says:

    Tom, I find your Blogs to be highly informative and proportionate to the vast undertaking of events surrounding yesterdays information boom. Well written and pleasingly positioned to unfold into another critical thinking discussion of technology segmentation.

  3. Nowadays, people’s needs and wants are changing faster than ever, and the only way that we in the business can keep up with them is by constantly thinking of new ways of addressing said customer concerns. Any business that chooses to stick to old methods will be left behind. I like what you said about practical innovation. Improvements don’t need to be flashy and expensive. After all, great innovators are known to be creative and resourceful.

  4. I do agree that innovation is often needed for a business to grow and survive. However, I do like the concept of Practical Innovation. It provides balance between moving forward through innovative technology and programs and the concerns that arises like cost and efficiency.

  5. IT Solutions says:

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  6. Adam says:

    I do like the concept of practical innovation. The modifications needed to grow the economy, and with innovative technology it will grow.

  7. Barnie says:

    Too often, people get all weird that a program has to be implemented that is outrageous in order to have some measurably motivating impact. I’m all about the 1 percenters… a little here, a little there… do what it takes to make good things continually happen in the right direction.

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