Dewey Holleman

Manager - Delivery

Tune Up with Ciber at AACRAO!

Ciber’s Higher Education Consultant’s pride themselves on helping institutions improve operations so that enrollment targets can be met, while making the most of your resources and costs. We pride ourselves in bringing first-hand experience in leading higher education professionals toward technology optimization. We work seamlessly with your people across multiple departments and areas to improve efficiencies and student services, drive financial performance of your financial aid services, and organizational operations. We take a neutral, unbiased approach to evaluating and recommending practical high impact solutions that you can implement immediately as well as longer term sustaining solutions that work with your overall enrollment management goals.

Remember, CIBER Inc.’s Higher Education Practice will again be an exhibitor at the 97th Annual American Association of Collegiate Registrar and Admissions Officer (AACRAO) conference In Seattle, WA, March 13-16th, 2011. Stay tuned to my blog. Soon, I’ll tell you about how you can take advantage of the CIBER TUNE UP!

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