Dewey Holleman

Manager - Delivery

Added Value is Coming for Oracle Campus Solutions Admissions and Financial Aid Offices

I am so grateful for working with such a talented group of people in Ciber’s Oracle Higher Education Practice.  For the past few months, a dedicated group of  Technical , Financial Aid and Admissions experts in the Higher Education Practice in the US and globally, have been developing one of the most valuable assets for any Campus Solutions customer, a best-in-class Scholarship Application. We are so excited! 

After seeing the need develop among clients, we partnered with University of Texas at Tyler to bring the dream to reality.  This application leverages all of the best features within Campus Solutions and was built using the latest tools.  The Scholarship Application is staff friendly, highly configurable and developed as a bolt on.  This makes the impact during upgrades minimal.  From the student perspective, it allows for internal search for just the right scholarship and ease of application submission. 

Did I mention that when scholarship renewal time comes around, the application can be configured to help identify financially at-risk students who may not appear to be eligible to continue on the scholarship? This bolt-on Scholarship application will add value year after year.  The University of Texas at Tyler will start adding real value this fall – how about you?

2 Responses to “Added Value is Coming for Oracle Campus Solutions Admissions and Financial Aid Offices”

  1. Bruce W. Moore says:

    Ciber is focusing on what higher education needs most with new enhancements for Campus Solutions. To allow more institutions to take advantage, the initial fee for all of these solutions will be waived for a limited time.

  2. Julie Simpson says:

    Dewey, with the growing cost of Higher Education, and many families struggling to pay for education, the ability for schools to have a tool in place to effectively and efficiently manage their scholarships is a benefit to the schools and to the students. In order to ensure that all scholarships are awarded to students, a tool must be in place for monitoring and awarding. This tool will allow schools to better able to award and renew scholarships in a timely manner, helping families earlier in the award processing, and also with the automation, allow the staff to better serve the students.

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