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Clean up your Small Project Backlog

Not all technology jobs are large ones. Often, many small tasks don’t rise to the top of the stack, never even getting started, much less completed. Bigger projects seem to get all the attention, and those pesky little ones, while valuable, always sit and wait for “someday.” Small interfaces need automation; new reports need development; workflows need enhancements; procedures need streamlining: the list goes on.

Bigger projects seem to get all of the attention and these little ones, while valuable, only sit and wait for “someday”. Would you like to clean up that dusty old pile of work? CIBER’s Lawson Practice maintains a highly skilled team of technical developers that can help you. Our Technology Leadership Center (TLC) in Chicago can provide superior technical consulting and development at a very reasonable cost.

In addition to custom development in all facets of Lawson technology, the TLC offers a large number of solutions provided in 40 hours or less. We call them GIBER Packaged Offerings. For example, Self Service Password Reset, Smart Console, Complex Password Policy, and User Load Utility. Many others are available. We also have developed a number of the most requested workflows to allow automation of various processes. Each of the ProcessFlow CIBER Packaged Offerings has increased efficiency, shortened total procedural time, and eliminated redundant and manual process in our client organizations. Some examples are:

  • New Hires and Terminations ProcessFlow
  • Employee Review Notification ProcessFlow
  • Contract Review Notification ProcessFlow

Many other solutions are available, and our hourly and/or fixed price rates are low. Plus, we can perform most, if not all, of this work remotely so there is no travel expense.

Let the CIBER Lawson TLC clean up your dusty old pile of small projects that will not rise to the top of your list. Contact Derek Cheairs, office: 972.538.4325, mobile: 314.706.6787, or at dcheairs@ciber.com

CIBER is one of Lawson’s largest, most experienced and knowledgeable business partners.  Lawson provides the applications and technology; CIBER provides the services to assist clients with all components of their Lawson projects. For more information about the array of technical services we provide, visit http://www.ciber.com/us/index.cfm/technologies/lawson/

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