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Next Generation Networks in Government

I have been working closely with Local governments and related public sector organizations for over 32 years now. Those from the generations succeeding the Baby Boomers might have difficulty understanding the pace of communications technology advancement. I remember when police departments just began to implement radio communication in squad cars. Only Dick Tracy had a “Wrist Radio”.

Online processing of data was still done with character-based transmission protocols. The advent of Cathode Ray Terminals (CRT’s) was state of the art. We have come a long way, as I have heard.

So where are we going? The newest network technologies possess native intelligence, enabling them to be aware of the services they deliver. They have the ability to respond dynamically to the needs and priorities of their users. Mobile user access to integrated data, voice and video information delivered by a reliable and secure network is changing the foundations of how individuals, society and government interact.

Education, Public Safety, Healthcare, and citizen interaction with all levels of government are undergoing fundamental and perhaps revolutionary change. In my previous writing, I discussed some aspects of government use of social media. Intelligent networks are a step beyond those thoughts.

Government has long been the builder and maintainer of major components of public infrastructure. It must now step up to develop and support today’s most critical infrastructure component, the public sector network infrastructure. Governments are beginning to utilize intelligent networks for next generation 911 and 311 services, real time traffic management and public communications, smart utility metering and consumption, and many other improved constituent services.

These services and applications do not exactly sip bandwidth from a straw; they guzzle it. Bandwidth demand continues to soar, strains current capacity, and constrains performance. Government enterprises face the challenge of delivering these services within budget while utilizing a mixed bag of technologies.

Fortunately, technology seems to be keeping pace. Network evolution, expansions and enhancements are enabling innovative solutions to existing problems and creating benefits for citizens.

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  1. Ken Goodrich says:

    I have already placed my advanced order for a HAL9000 😉 (If you have to google it, your a post-boomer) Good synopsis.

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