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The Value of Managed IT Services

In challenging economic times, any solution that can lower total cost of ownership and operations is worth considering. Managed Services, the practice of transferring the responsibility of managing day-to-day Information Technology (IT) to an outside organization, accomplishes both. This approach can also improve the effectiveness and efficiency of IT operations, production support, and lifecycle maintenance activities.

Keeping systems operational and performing as intended, fully maintained with updates and patches is a big job. Add to it the need to introduce new functionality, implement changes, provide Help Desk support for new employees, and manage disaster recovery and business continuity can challenge any staff. And that is assuming internal staff has deep expertise in the software applications. Rather than overwhelming staff, consider managed services; it can help.

Beyond helping IT support staff, Managed Services can also reduce capital expenditures. The option of cloud delivery reduces the need for internal infrastructure. Also, using the cloud allows software and infrastructure experts to constantly monitor application performance, ensuring the proper maintenance and continuous system updates. Quality service providers render end-user support quickly and accurately.

Managed services consists of three distinct components, Application Management, Infrastructure Management, and Service Management. Types of service delivery include:

  • Virtualized cloud infrastructure model
  • Dedicated hosted model
  • On-site, remote managed model

The managed services approach provides the advantage of an elastic, variable user-demand support model that can grow or shrink depending on your need. The services components include data center infrastructure and hosting, operations, security, technical, functional and help desk support, as well as virtual resources such as servers and storage.

CIBER Managed Services for Lawson Software can:

  • Manage your whole system’s life cycle from initial planning all the way through daily Operations
  • Provide you direct access to a dedicated team of CIBER-Lawson experts to ensure your organization makes an easy transition to our services
  • Using industry best practices, adapt the services to meet your unique business needs or organizational requirements

Through CIBER’s continual investment, our team consistently maintains our Lawson certifications so our clients do not have to. And our resources and deep experience allow customers to focus on strategic initiatives. CIBER’s Managed Services solution delivers guaranteed-up time, and we provide an extensive network of redundant data centers.

CIBER is a recognized expert in Lawson software and applications. Our partnership with Lawson began in 1995, and our innovative approach to client support has been growing ever since. CIBER won the Values Award for Service Partners from Lawson Software. Lawson honored us, recognizing us as the partner that most closely aligns with Lawson’s vision, mission, and execution expectations.

Look for a CIBER Lawson Managed Services Webinar announcement soon or visit http://www.ciber.com/erp/lawson/

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