Dewey Holleman

Manager - Delivery

Ciber Cloud Campus: The Power of PeopleSoft in the Cloud!

With so much rain in Atlanta, my home base, I could not help thinking about clouds and rain. Then I quickly go back to work and think about another type of cloud. The Ciber Cloud Campus offering. I also think that there may still be some mystery in the higher education community about how cloud computing could bring big functionality at a lower cost. Now colleges and universities don’t have to make a large IT investment to leverage specialized Oracle enterprise software to better serve students, faculty, administrators and alumni. By moving to the cloud with Ciber Cloud Campus, they can cost-effectively and quickly access the same PeopleSoft software that other colleges and universities use. Be a rainmaker! Follow this link to register for an on-demand webinar about Ciber Cloud Campus! Click here to understand more!

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