Curt Stacey

Senior Director, Managed Services

Creating Timely Status Reporting

It is the fall season and the leaves are changing color.  As year end approaches, maybe it is time to take a cue from the changing colors and consider changing your Status Reporting.  Most outsourcing companies provide monthly status reports on mutually agreed to Service Level Requirements (SLRs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). In most cases the data gathered is already stale and provides a view of the past month with some trending metrics which would satisfy the contractual SLAs and KPIs.

By keeping metrics current and cutting lag time to a minimum, clients have data and trends in real time.  Tracking trends in real time allows clients to identify issues, create a variety of solutions and take action on the best solution.

Ciber’s Managed Services provides real time reporting that incorporates daily, and in some case,  hourly metrics reporting into a customized dashboard.  The dashboard drills down in to the data, providing details on how the metrics are currently trending rather than waiting for the monthly report to be created.   This reduces response time on negative trends and allows the client to make correction actions immediately.

Listening to our customers and thinking out of the box has once again allowed Ciber to raise the bar on service quality. Providing capabilities that help our clients make proactive decisions and identify continuous improvement opportunities based on real time information is a Ciber differentiator that can quickly bring value to your organization.

To learn more about the Ciber Managed Services dashboard and how we can help you improve your operations through updated SLA’s and KPI’s, call us for a demo.

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