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Managed Services Transition Journey: Transition Work Plan (3 of 3)

This is the third blog in a series that will take us through the phases of the Managed Services Transition Journey as it relates to IT outsourcing. Previously I discussed Definition and Preparation of the Transition.

Over the last decade I have worked with numerous clients and completed many large complex outsourcing transitions. One thing for certain is that each transition requires a custom approach depending on the goals of the transition.  Having a solid, repeatable managed services methodology in place with a pre-defined framework is critical and essential to reduce transition costs and timelines.  Knowing how to utilize the framework comes down to experience and clearly understanding the contractual documents and client needs.

What are some of the most important requirements when building out a Transition plan?

Essential requirements for building out the transition

  • Understanding the Master Service Agreement (MSA) and Statement of Work (SOW)
  • Building out a commitment log to foster a collaborative focus
  • Transition Plan
    • Transition objectives
    • Transition overview
    • Transition management
    • Transition plans and tools
    • Transition approach and methodologies
    • Exit criteria
    • Transition work plan
      • Timeline
      • Key milestones
      • Key deliverables
      • Balanced resource plan

As mentioned in my earlier Preparation Blog, building out the governance plan is a critical step before moving into the transition planning phase. Having the right leadership identified and the team structure in place will enable the success of building out the transition and work plans.

Attributes of a good transition work plan

Initiation Phase

  • Due diligence activities
  • Due diligence outcome reviewed with client
  • MSA approved
  • SOW approved
  • Service Level Requests (SLR) defined
  • Key deliverables defined
  • Key milestones defined

When developing transition work plans close collaboration with the client is crucial to identify critical milestones and deliverables and build out an agreed exit strategy for all phases of the transition. Having defined these activities in the initiation phase of transition will define the timeline and ultimately build a robust transition work plan.

I look forward to your comments on defining your transition work plan!

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