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Meet up with Ciber’s Analytics Thought Leaders at IBM’s IOD 2013

Do you have questions today that traditional reporting and analytics can’t answer? Is there other unstructured, social media or streaming data that you can’t process or analyze but you know can give you additional clarity or predictability to answer questions you were unable to answer before?

You may have a big data challenge. More importantly, you have a greater opportunity to make an impact by incorporating a big data approach to traditional business analytics.

Come join us at IBM’s Information on Demand 2013 Conference and meet up with Richard Gristak and Allen Shain, Ciber’s thought leaders on business analytics and big data. You will hear how Ciber delivers big data solutions across healthcare, telco and banking and many other industries, and how they can assist you in gleaning true business insights from your big data challenge.

Just drop a note to us using the IOD message center under the agenda builder. We look forward to seeing you at IBM’s IOD 2013!

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