Paul Mayne

Director of IT Strategy

Organizations are Still Asking About Cloud Computing Benefits

Everywhere you turn, you hear about the cloud. So much so that you’d be excused for thinking that a) the cloud is an over-hyped passing fad, or b) everyone is in the cloud.

The truth can be found somewhere between these two viewpoints. While people may already be tired of hearing about the cloud, cloud computing is no mere fad. It is being embraced by businesses and consumers alike. Yet there are still plenty of companies out there who have not jumped on the cloud computing bandwagon.

That’s too bad, because cloud computing can help reinvent the traditional IT organization. Instead of being a place known for generating costs, IT can become a place known for creating value. And instead of being known for needing long lead times for projects, IT organizations can become known for their flexibility. All of this is possible with cloud computing.

How? Consider the tension often found between business units and IT. Many business users almost dread requesting changes from a traditional IT department, simply because they know what they’ll hear: “This will take months to change” or “I am not sure how much this will cost or if we have the guys who know how to do this” or “Can we schedule this for the next release, sometime next year?” Meanwhile, IT, which is under constant pressure to cut costs while ensuring reliability, isn’t just making excuses. IT really doesn’t know where it will get the headcount or budget to respond to each business user’s request.

With cloud computing possibilities like Applications as a Service or Information as a Service, IT departments can provide the type of flexibility business users want. They will be able to build new solutions more quickly and provide access to information on demand. At the same time, they can cut costs — not just operating costs, but also those associated with lost opportunities. After all, time-to-operational-sufficiency is the new measuring stick by which IT is measured these days.

For more reasons why organizations are adopting cloud computing, read The Value of Cloud: Building the Case for Adoption and Transformation.

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