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Managed Services Transition Journey: Preparation (2 of 3)

This is the second blog in a series that will take us through the phases of the Managed Services transition journey as it relates to IT outsourcing.

When I embarked on my first transition almost a decades ago, I picked up a book that provided me “Real Life stories” that provided me guidance on how to establish the right team from a book written by John P, Kotter and Dan S. Cohen in 2002 titled, The Heart of Change – Real-Life Stories of How People Change Their Organizations. In it, John talks about how to build the guiding team.

Finding the right people

  • Selecting a single individual that has the urgency will pull in the right team, a leader that has the energy and skills to build out the team
  • The right combination of capabilities, relevant knowledge, credibility – connections within the organization
  • Defining the executive and leadership committees – individuals that can remove roadblocks.

To learn more about how to build a guiding team I highly recommend that you pick up this short read.

As the Managed Services journey begins, we need to build out the governance structure. Building a team that clearly understands the scope of the transition and is motivated to ensure that as the transition plan is developed they will take a personnel interest to guide the other team members. This leadership team will assist in removing obstacles and are high enough in the organization to ensure that the transition is communicated to the entire organization.

Attributes of a good Transition Governance team

  • Leaders that have enthusiasm and commitment
  • Leaders that can quickly build trust
  • Straight forward Governance structure (not complex)
  • Not relying on a single individual that will slow the transition down
  • Great communication skills, understands what people are feeling
  • Use of technologies to help people see the vision
  • Finding individuals with change experience

When developing a transition governance structure we work with our clients to help them to look internally to identify these key leaders with the attributes that we defined above. In some cases our customers look for us to build the transition team; in either case it’s critical that the customer prepares their internal team before a structure is established.

Once the governance team is established we can jointly work on a transition plan, timeline and communication plan that achieves the goals and vision of our client. Being flexible and providing a rigorous Managed Services governance structure is key to supporting such a critical transformation journey.

I look forward to your comments – how would you define your organization’s transformation maturity?

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