Your Leadership Journey

I have often been asked what is the most important skill that any organization needs and successful organizations have in abundance.  My answer is simple – leadership.

One of my favorite speaking topics is on leadership.  I always ask everyone to reflect on something I call your “leadership journey” and to understand that we are all currently on our own leadership path.  Each journey is unique but we are all tied together in the framework of leadership and its impacts to us, an organization, our personal situation etc. Organizations are starving for leadership and I always argue is the #1 attribute that sets great organizations apart from the rest.

Now, take a moment and think about something you consider your most successful endeavor. Why do you think of it that way? What do you remember most about it? For me, I usually remember the people and situations. It is almost always about the journey and the others I helped, not the outcome. Sure, there are several efforts I am extremely proud of but those deliveries don’t define me, it’s the relationships I have led, created, fostered, and built that help carve my journey.  That said, the leadership journey we are on is not always perfect nor should it be. I ask, what is perfection and why are so many trying to achieve it, it is fool’s gold.  If you are paralyzed by the fear of failure it will never allow you to become the leader you can be. Removing the fear of failure while being focused to achieve will bring you the results you are looking for.

As leaders we need to push the envelope of what is “expected” into something that is unexpected. Building on others strengths to deliver impactful results and giving others their opportunity to lead is the core. Take the time to reflect on both the good and bad aspects of your current Journey and the what you want to become.  Use those experiences to build leadership organizations, because if you can do that your journey will ultimately be a fulfilling one.

I look forward to hear your feedback and continue the discussion on leadership as we move through several topics.

3 Responses to “Your Leadership Journey”

  1. Woody Walker says:

    Mario – I love your comment about leaders not trying to be perfect and removing fear from the equation. Great blog!

  2. Garrett Hayman says:

    I think that fear of failure is what holds most people back from being effective leaders.

  3. Amit Manocha says:

    Great blog Mario, I really like the part about building on team member’s strengths and giving them the opportunity to shine. It lets the team know that you trust them but also sets an expectation for their growth, allowing them to move out of their own comfort zone and accept challenges.
    To me, leadership is holding people up to a standard and ultimately training your own replacement. It is not about creating clones of yourself but someone who can solve problems and deliver value to the client and opportunities to other team members.
    Looking forward to more.

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