Paul Mayne

Director of IT Strategy

2014 Business Priorities: What the Customer Wants

There’s a lot of conversation at this time of year about technology and business priorities. And there is agreement in the discussion, especially about IT priorities:

  • Mobility – have all capabilities and functionalities for easier access
  • Cloud – focus on the business and increase delivery speed and scalability
  • Information Management – store everything for better customer support and decision management
  • Security – protect based on value and business classification and include compliance, recovery and retention capabilities for all services 

What is the Customer Thinking About?

I’ve been working with a lot of professionals in the hospitality industry lately and they are under a great deal of competitive pressure to provide the best possible experience throughout the buying cycle. If business and IT leaders really want to hone in on priorities, then they need only look at what their customers are thinking about:

“How can I get the information on your services myself?”

“Why do you keep asking me for my information again? Don’t you know me?”

“Is my data secure? Who is looking at it? What are you doing with it?”

“If you do not have an app I will not do business with you”

“Do I need to call the call center?”

“How can I be sure that I am getting the best price?”

Acting on the Priorities

As I work with both business and IT stakeholders, there is urgency to hear what the business is asking for and acting on requests with initiatives that will impact the business:

I work with clients every day to take on challenges and help business with initiatives such as cloud readiness.  I’ll be at the ITEXPO in Miami this week appearing on a Case Study University panel entitled:  “2014: IT Priorities, Realities and Fictions” and we’ll be discussing these very challenges.

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