Diana Van Blaricom

Ciber Infor HCM and HR Strategist

Good Things Happened at Inforum 2014

When you gather today’s most innovative Infor minds and creative thinkers together, and put them all in one room (ok, one massive conference hall), something good is bound to happen, right? And some good things definitely happened at Inforum 2014.

As Infor’s premier user group event, Inforum gave those who attended a chance to share ideas, compare solutions and services, even mingle about Ming.le(TM) and the countless other Infor innovations. But the real benefit for major partners like Ciber is to showcase our expertise and discuss topics and solutions with prospects and clients in a forum that exudes energy and excitement. As Infor’s leading Alliance partner, Ciber conducted meetings about topics ranging from Infor’s 10x Upgrades and Cloud and Managed Services, to my sweet spot: Infor HCM and Talent Management.

From my vantage point at the show, organizations clearly recognize the value that an integrated talent management program provides. Getting there, however, is the challenge. As a result, I had many great conversations with folks on just exactly how to accomplish this organizational change – how to “transform” their culture to improve productivity, improve manager and employee satisfaction and increase the bottom line for the company as a direct result of these initiatives.

One of the other “good things” that happened at Inforum for Ciber was receiving the Infor Alliance Partner of the Year award. In fact, according to Lynn Sauder, Infor vice president of Alliances, “This past year, Ciber helped drive more revenue to Infor than any other Alliance partner worldwide.” Read more about the award. While receiving recognition like this is an honor, it really reflects what the Ciber and Infor partnership stands for: educating clients and prospects about new Infor offerings so that they can make sound decisions about what services and solutions will help transform their business processes.

To learn more about how Ciber is helping Infor make significant changes in industries we serve, watch this sit-down interview with Tom Heldt, vice president of sales for Ciber’s Infor practice. He talks about how we want to keep our Infor partnership strong, so that we can continue to make good things happen.

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