Application Modernization: There’s a better way

As the CEO of a global IT consulting company, I’ve spoken with business leaders from a wide range of industries. While clients’ needs and concerns differ, one common thread emerges – the urgent need for application modernization.

Organizations are constrained by outdated legacy applications that prevent them from realizing the benefits of cloud, mobile and social platforms. These applications are costly and difficult to maintain –exhausting up to 70 percent of IT budgets – and limit the ability to invest in innovation to keep rapid pace with the business and market changes.

A new type of application modernization solution

I’m proud to announce Ciber Momentum™, a ground-breaking solution that automates application modernization. It answers the challenge all CIOs face: How do I break free from the burdens of the past to invest in the future?

A recent CSC Global CIO survey conducted by IDG Research revealed as many as 70 percent of CIOs identify application modernization as a top initiative, with 61 percent saying it is a top investment priority – only second to cyber security.

Until now, application modernization was a predominantly people-based model that involved laboriously rewriting software. Ciber Momentum combines automation with professional application design support to rapidly transform outdated legacy applications into cloud-, mobile- and digital-ready business solutions.

The best of both worlds: Automation and industry expertise

Ciber Momentum is the first automated platform for application modernization that consistently delivers high-quality code that is 80 – 85 percent software generated without any proprietary lock-in or additional software burden – saving 60 percent of the time versus traditional, manual and tool-based conversion. Ciber and our partners complete the transformation process by fine tuning the remaining business logic and redesigning the user interfaces.

Ciber Momentum delivers modernized applications in a fraction of the time it takes to manually rewrite an application and with far better results than translators. In a recent benchmark, we harvested hundreds of legacy files and generated the new application framework in a single day while achieving an independent SQALE rating of “A” for code quality. In addition to many successfully pilots, we delivered a modernized version of a mission-critical application with 1,400 user screens three months earlier than was anticipated – and with zero functional defects.

Not since Y2K has a solution been developed to fundamentally address the largest issue facing business today.

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