Brian Rubick

Ciber Infor practice client partner and Workforce Management thought leader

Do you have a Workforce Management program or simply a software solution?

Today’s organizations are complex, strategically focused, and moving towards a more connected workforce, distributed into smaller teams. This approach puts a strain on enterprise solutions implemented to yesterday’s needs. As your leadership team makes fundamental decisions affecting the structure of the organization, the health of your enterprise application performance is rarely top of mind. Factor in regulation, legislation, and union negotiations and the complexity meter far outweighs the current abilities of your environment. These decisions and factors culminate with an increased demand on integration, real-time decision making, and analytics.

This reality can affect many solutions, but take into account your Workforce Management solution. When was it installed? What version are you on? When did you last review your Workforce Management strategy? Do you have one?

Creating a Workforce Management program includes more than automation around feature function and pay rules. Rather, it should be positioned as a labor management strategy focused on measuring and managing key metrics that drive business performance. Once aligned with your governance model, a healthy Workforce Management program is defined by your roadmap/blueprint, measured with a balanced scorecard, made efficient through business process calibration, and adopted through change management.


At Ciber, we deliver thought leadership and professional services that drive business performance through increased operational efficiencies and organizational effectiveness. Our IMPACT Methodology delivers program specific documents and tools that provide consistency and quality throughout the implementation process. From project inception, Ciber engages your project team to enable solution knowledge and experiences, all the while transitioning responsibilities critical to post go-live system management.

Learn about Ciber’s Workforce Management Health Check which can help you create a roadmap to success.

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