Cloud Integration in Days, Not Months

on Jun 6th, 2013 in IBM, | Comments Off on Cloud Integration in Days, Not Months

The old ways of integrating enterprise systems no longer apply in today’s world of hybrid on-premise/cloud computing IT environments. And that’s too bad, because disconnected systems can cause problems such as:

  • Fragmented customer information
  • Complex workflows
  • Lost employee productivity
  • Data inconsistencies

Here’s what I hear from our clients:  “I have Salesforce. I have ERP.  Now…how do I get them to work together?”

Clients that want to integrate IT assets located in the cloud and on on-premise servers, generally have two choices:

  • Custom code —  which is expensive and time-consuming, or
  • IBM Cast Iron Cloud Integration – which is fast and cost effective

Read “Simplifying Cloud Integration” (co-written with my colleague Tim Keller) to see how the IBM Cast Iron Cloud Integration technology works  — and, more important, how it can help you.

Let’s get some dialog started…are you struggling with disconnected systems?  What problems have you encountered?

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