Start 2017 with an HR Fitness Plan

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Well, 2017 is upon us and people are talking about New Year’s resolutions. We have a new year, new laws beginning and a new president about to take office.  2017 will be a year of change, but as organizational leaders, we have to be nimble and able to shift and adjust as our businesses are changing all the time.  That’s why it is so important to have a strategic roadmap that includes a Continuous Improvement Plan.

In my recently released eBook, “The Road to Talent Management – A Journey to HR Excellence,”    I help readers understand the discipline it takes to find operational excellence within their organizations.   It takes strategic planning and now is a great time to do that!  You have a fresh new calendar and employees and team members have fresh perspectives for the New Year after taking some time off during the holidays.  So pull out that list of what you wanted to accomplish last year.  Dust it off and start putting your plan together!


If you’re stuck, and you need an infusion of ideas on how to get going, spend an hour with me listening to the replay of The Journey to HR Excellence webcast where you’ll learn how to:

  • Design an HR roadmap in sync with your organization’s Mission, Vision and Values
  • Develop a business case that gains executive buy-in and budget approval
  • Align your efforts with business outcomes, proving the value of your HR efforts

So many of us start new fitness programs in January each year. Think of this as your “HR fitness” plan.  At the end of the webcast, you can download the HR Assessment worksheet  and see how well you’re doing.

We all know that diets don’t work – you have to change your habits.  So let us help you change the way you do business and transform your organization into a lean, mean, productivity machine!

Who will be on the 2017 list of best places to work?  Make sure YOU’RE on that list!

I wish you a healthy, happy and productive New Year!


Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.

We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence,

but we rather have those because we have acted rightly.

We are what we repeatedly do.

Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.


Get an HR Tune-up!

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Did you know that companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share?  (Gallop Poll 2016)  That is a pretty significant number.  But getting them engaged, and keeping them there, is the trick.  Actually, there is no hocus pocus here.  It’s what good talent management practices are all about.

  • Engaging
  • Sustaining
  • Retaining

This is a tall order for organizations that are still struggling with aligning their people effort to their overall strategy.  Most leaders come into organizations with good intentions.  Then, often throw their hands in the air because the task can be overwhelming.  Where do you start?  I talk about “honest observations” in assessing what to do to begin your journey to HR excellence.  But it really starts with having some candid, open and honest conversations.  You can do that through an HR assessment.

Let’s talk about HR assessments

The HR Assessment is about getting an HR tune-up so that we can raise engagement, increase productivity and leverage the knowledge base that is our human capital.  You have to ask the right questions and provide the right environment for honest feedback.  Once you have that feedback, you can prioritize and create an action plan.  Kind of like going to the mechanic to get a tune up on your car and he says “we need to talk!”  Then he lays out a plan of repairs, you prioritize based on time and money, and you start moving forward “fixing’ what’s been neglected.

When we neglect our people, processes and (technology) products, we start to work inefficiently, become ineffective as leaders and lose talent from our organizations.

Badly managed teams breed poor performing companies

Only ten percent of people naturally possess high talent to manage.  So, we have to enable our workforce by clearly defining roles, aligning goals to outcomes, and creating an atmosphere of continuous learning.  And, if we use this approach across the organization, we drive improvement through our HR programs and can start to measure success through increased productivity, better customer ratings and higher profitability.

Let me help you get started on your Journey to HR Excellence.  Download the HR Assessment worksheet and other tools at:

HR Assessment

Competency Framework

Goals Worksheet

Start your journey today.  Destination Excellence!

The road to HR excellence is paved with giant boulders

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So it may seem!  If the thought of driving an initiative to improve your current HR processes causes anxiety . . .  you’re not alone.

The thought of this effort can cause great stress for some.  You know you need to do something because manual processes don’t scale. Your organization looks very different today than it did several years ago and the people may be new.   Has that little voice inside your head been asking:

  • Where do I start?
  • What can I do before we initiate a project and start burning through budget dollars?
  • How much budget do I need?
  • What applications do I need?
  • How can I mitigate the impact on payroll and financial reporting?
  • What will ensure success?
  • Is there an instruction book for this?

Take the first step to talent management readiness

For some, these questions can paralyze an organization.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  There is a method to driving operational excellence, making sure you have the right resources, then driving the effort forward.  The road to talent management requires solid planning. Sounds a bit like a cross-country road trip doesn’t it?  Destination Excellence!

The one question people forget to ask as they enter this journey is “Where are we headed?”  You simply MUST align your effort to the overall direction of the organization.  By doing so, not only will you gain the momentum for process improvement, but you’ll define the direct link of the HR efforts to the people on the front lines every day.

Take a minute, go to your company’s website and find the mission, vision and values.  How long did it take you to find them?  Is there a clear statement of direction?  If the answer is “no” then it’s time to start the conversation and begin your journey to HR excellence.

We’ll be gathering soon at Inforum 2016 in New York City.  The city that has encouraged new beginnings and promises of a better future for thousands of people over hundreds of years.  Let’s begin a journey together.  A journey towards continuous improvement and a better way of working.  Let me help you reinvent HR.  Let’s make sure you’re ready to grab your seat at the table when the music stops. Go from being a workforce to a force that works.   See you in the Big Apple!

Good Things Happened at Inforum 2014

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When you gather today’s most innovative Infor minds and creative thinkers together, and put them all in one room (ok, one massive conference hall), something good is bound to happen, right? And some good things definitely happened at Inforum 2014.

As Infor’s premier user group event, Inforum gave those who attended a chance to share ideas, compare solutions and services, even mingle about Ming.le(TM) and the countless other Infor innovations. But the real benefit for major partners like Ciber is to showcase our expertise and discuss topics and solutions with prospects and clients in a forum that exudes energy and excitement. As Infor’s leading Alliance partner, Ciber conducted meetings about topics ranging from Infor’s 10x Upgrades and Cloud and Managed Services, to my sweet spot: Infor HCM and Talent Management.

From my vantage point at the show, organizations clearly recognize the value that an integrated talent management program provides. Getting there, however, is the challenge. As a result, I had many great conversations with folks on just exactly how to accomplish this organizational change – how to “transform” their culture to improve productivity, improve manager and employee satisfaction and increase the bottom line for the company as a direct result of these initiatives.

One of the other “good things” that happened at Inforum for Ciber was receiving the Infor Alliance Partner of the Year award. In fact, according to Lynn Sauder, Infor vice president of Alliances, “This past year, Ciber helped drive more revenue to Infor than any other Alliance partner worldwide.” Read more about the award. While receiving recognition like this is an honor, it really reflects what the Ciber and Infor partnership stands for: educating clients and prospects about new Infor offerings so that they can make sound decisions about what services and solutions will help transform their business processes.

To learn more about how Ciber is helping Infor make significant changes in industries we serve, watch this sit-down interview with Tom Heldt, vice president of sales for Ciber’s Infor practice. He talks about how we want to keep our Infor partnership strong, so that we can continue to make good things happen.

Make Competencies a Part of Your Talent Management ‘Lifestyle’

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I frequently talk about Competencies and creating a culture of Talent Management as a “lifestyle” change.

And we all know change can be difficult. So—whether we’re talking about fitness, diets or  even lifestyle changes related to how you work—the experts recommend taking small steps each day to drive improvement.

The same holds true when you’re looking to improve your HR initiatives.  Think about all those projects you have on your desk just waiting to be tackled.  Can the work be divided  up into smaller doses so that it’s easier to drive to success, and to keep some momentum going?

If you’ve ever heard about agile development, you know it’s an iterative and incremental way build software faster.  The same methodology can be applied to your HR initiatives by learning how to drive small successes every day. When it comes to Competencies and Talent Management, think about organizing your jobs and positions into “job families” and dividing the work so that you can tackle it one job family at a time.

Smaller efforts accomplished each week will allow you to create change and drive momentum within your organization. Eventually, it becomes habit—a lifestyle change.

Talent management is a cultural shift for most organizations, and it takes a lot of work to get there.  So instead of staring at the steep mountain of effort with project paralysis, think about what you can do today to start getting your organization headed down the path of success—the path to becoming a true “talent-driven” organization.

Here are some ways to tackle the mountain:

  • Divide jobs and positions into job families (breaking it down into workable groups).
  • Prioritize the groups, and systematically make positive steps toward change.
  • Begin analyzing the job descriptions to determine the components and enter them into the system, or a working spreadsheet, in preparation for future upload.

It makes a monumental task seem more manageable.  And, you can recruit friends and co-workers to help you by dividing the work based on your priority list.  Once you get started, you’re on your way to creating a talent-driven organization!

To learn more about Competencies and Talent Management, watch our webinar.

HR is No Longer Just About HR.

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There is no doubt that technology has changed our lives, but to what extent?  Well, let’s examine the area of Human Resources.  In the last several years, HR systems and Talent Management solutions have forced HR professionals to rethink their internal processes.  And for some, it can be quite uncomfortable.

There used to be time when all HR transactions were processed in the back office by the HR staff members.  Sometimes the HR Generalist, the Payroll Clerk or Recruiter would enter information into the HRMS.  Now, HR is at the front lines.  Managers expect to be able to see information about their direct reports.  Employees expect to be able to submit requests and changes whenever the need arises.  This means that what was traditionally thought of as a “back-office” HR transactional process is now moved to the front-end user as the originator of the data.  In other words, HR transactions are no longer initiated and transacted only by HR users.

With that in mind, many HR professionals are finding themselves having to take a serious look at their existing systems and processes. Some questions I commonly hear now are:

  • Are the current technologies capable of supporting end-user transaction entry while providing routing and approvals where needed?
  • Can users access the system from a desktop, mobile device, or tablet?
  • Is the process facilitated by an intuitive user interface?  Is it configurable to meet the organization’s needs?

And when it comes to talent management initiatives, it can no longer be on the “wish list.”  If you’re not rolling out talent management programs in your organization, you’re already lagging behind your competition.  Eventually, you’ll see the impact in higher turnover ratios, loss of productivity and other negative impacts.   But, the one recurring theme I always hear from HR professionals is that it is a daunting task to create job profiles, define competencies, and such.   This is true, but to keep up, you’ll have to start some time.  Think of it sort of like going on a diet. Diets don’t work, it’s a lifestyle change!  And so is talent management.  Getting started on your talent management effort begins with solid processes supported by good technologies. Your processes need to change so that you can see lasting results.  The time to get started is now!  There is a new year in front of us and it’s a great time to start these changes to drive talent management throughout your organization.

As the infamous Vince Lombardi, legendary Green Bay Packers’ coach, once said “The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary!”


Learn more about Ciber’s Infor Talent Management solutions, and listen to our webinar titled, 10 Steps to Talent Management Readiness, to find out how you can prepare for a talent management implementation.


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