Sneak preview SAP Fiori user interface for C4C

Recently SAP showed us a preview of their new SAP Fiori user interface for Cloud 4 Customer (C4C) which is anticipated to be part of the next C4C release (May 2015). SAP stresses that Fiori is not just a visual design, but a complete information architecture based on solid design principles.   Compared to their on premise solution, SAP took a big step forward in their user experience design with the current...

Voorproefje SAP Fiori user interface voor C4C

Onlangs toonde SAP ons een voorproefje van hun nieuwe SAP Fiori interface voor Cloud 4 Customer (C4C) waarvan de verwachting is dat deze beschikbaar komt met de nieuwe C4C release in mei 2015. SAP benadrukt dat Fiori niet gewoon een nieuw design betreft, maar een volledig nieuwe informatiearchitectuur die gebruik maakt van een set vaste ontwerpprincipes.   In vergelijking met de on premise CRM oplossing van... Spring 14 Release – My Top Features (Part 2 of 2)

    Last time in part 1 we had a first look at the Spring 14 release notes. This week in part 2 we delve a little deeper into the release notes to uncover some more gems.   1. Communities in SF1 – When Communities were introduced in 2013 it was a big milestone and Communities will clearly play a big part in the future strategy of Salesforce. Now we are seeing Communities... Spring 14 release – My top features (Part 1 of 2)

We may still be in the throes of Winter, at least we are in the UK, but the Salesforce Spring 14 release notes have been unveiled giving us a mouth watering glimpse of what we can expect from the next release of the of the award winning cloud technology. In an attempt to distill the 319 pages of new feature goodness down into something more digestible I’ve summarised my top features from the Spring 14 release...
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